To The Globe and Mail (published 2000/12/04) in response to an article by Peter Cook on the EU's stance on nuclear power and global warming.

December 4, 2000

To the Editor, The Globe and Mail

Peter Cook sums up a central irony of the climate change debate with his observation that, for the environmental lobby, nuclear power is really "enemy No. 1" while greenhouse gases are "enemy No. 2."

The insanity that has Sweden shutting down an efficient and clean nuclear plant, while being granted permission by the EU to increase greenhouse gas emissions in order to do this, pervades the bureaucracy and NGOs worldwide. Here in Canada it leads to prominent think tanks such as the David Suzuki Foundation calling natural gas a "clean" fuel, despite its emission of two-thirds as much carbon dioxide as coal.

The "anything but nuclear" approach doesn't cut it in the 21st century. As a nuclear scientist I'm proud to support a truly sustainable technology that furthers the goal of global development without environmental catastrophe.


Jeremy Whitlock