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The Canadian Nuclear FAQ  

by Dr. Jeremy Whitlock


To The Globe and Mail regarding a 2005 September 23rd article on the future nuclear power usage in Canada:

2005 September 23

To the Editor, The Globe and Mail:

Glenn Alderson's misgivings about nuclear power and radiation are not uncommon, but overlook a half-century of safe operation by the industry.

Radiation itself is a natural part of our environment, coming from the sun, the universe, the rocks around us, and even ourselves (each of us emits far more radiation than we are ever likely to encounter from a nuclear power plant). In addition we use radiation in our hospitals to diagnose disease, fight cancer, and to sterilize surgical equipment and bandages.

Thousands of lives are enhanced each day around the world due to the medical applications of radiation, which were pioneered in Canada and in which Canada remains a world leader.


Jeremy Whitlock

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