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The Canadian Nuclear FAQ  

by Dr. Jeremy Whitlock


To CBC's Radio One's Quirks and Quarks, regarding a number of negative listener responses to a story on nuclear power:


Bob McDonald
Host, "Quirks and Quarks"
CBC Radio One

Dear Bob,

I was shocked to hear the litany of complaints from listeners that you read at the end of your last show, from people disgusted at the thought of anything nice being said about nuclear power. I assume that you were featuring only negative responses as a way of being equitable to this side of the debate, because I find it hard to believe that Q&Q listeners, in general, are as narrow-minded and ignorant about the reality of energy supply on this planet.

Surely people don't believe that science is somehow offering up nuclear power as the single solution to sustainable energy supply in the future. Of course it is part of a larger strategy that includes the maximum realistic potential from renewable sources and conservation. That it is a significant, sustainable technology option, as recognized by most technical and government agencies on the planet examining this issue, is understandably discomforting to those religiously opposed to it, but the rest of the world is thankfully moving forward. Nuclear waste management and radiation protection are unsolvable problems only in the minds of those who haven't objectively looked into these issues. I recommend the objective approach to anyone desiring to make serious and well-informed decisions on the extremely important issue of sustainable energy demand and supply management — because the rhetoric of fear is killing people and the planet.


Dr. Jeremy Whitlock
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