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The Canadian Nuclear FAQ  

by Dr. Jeremy Whitlock


To Peace River Record Gazette, regarding attitudes around the formation of a local pro-nuclear group:


To The Editor,
Peace River Record Gazette:

I was happy to see that a pro-nuclear group had formed in the Peace region, but saddened to hear that most members of this group feel the need to remain anonymous for fear of "negative" reaction to their businesses. What is this – Alabama in the 1950s?

When I travelled the beautiful Peace region some time ago and spoke in many communities about the technology behind nuclear energy, I met many free-thinking, honest, clear-minded people who just wanted to know more about this made-in-Canada industry so they could make their own minds up. There was also a small number of very vocal folks who did their best to stifle open discussion on the matter, but by and large folks just wanted to be able to make an informed decision.

Nuclear energy is the safest and most sustainable form of large-scale energy harnessed on the planet today, and a major part of any responsible energy strategy for the future. The way you generate your energy today is simply not sustainable, and any "environmental group" worthy of the name would be supporting a diverse mix of conservation, renewables, clean(er) fossil, and nuclear. Instead – we see misleading statements about nuclear fuel being scarce, an outright falsehood which clearly demonstrates that these people haven't the slightest clue what is going on, and are running on ideology alone.

I strongly urge free-thinking folks to rise above intellectual bigotry in your community, and feel free to make up your own minds. As a scientist familiar with the technology, and a father of three who lives (quite happily) in the shadow of Canada's largest nuclear laboratory (Chalk River), I will happily lend my support and knowledge to anyone seeking an honest understanding. My personal (volunteer) website, www.nuclearfaq.ca is full of general background info, and I respond to every email.


Dr. Jeremy Whitlock
"The Canadian Nuclear FAQ": www.nuclearfaq.ca

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