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The Canadian Nuclear FAQ  

by Dr. Jeremy Whitlock


To The Calgary Herald regarding misleading remarks by Gordon Edwards on the risk of tritium in drinking water.

(published in the 2009 March 8 edition)

Scare Tactics

To the Editor,

Re: "Our nuclear watchdog more like lapdog,"
Gordon Edwards, Opinion, Feb. 28.

The 4.5 kilograms of heavy water that evaporated at Chalk River was less than 1,000th of the limit, and no risk to the public. Gordon Edwards' claim of no safe threshold overlooks that radiation is natural, with no negative effects at many times this background. The numbers can be made to sound big, but consider that trillions of becquerels of background radiation float down the Ottawa River every week. Edwards chooses to scare pregnant and nursing mothers in particular, a tactic I find most irresponsible.

Jeremy Whitlock,
Deep River, Ont.
Jeremy Whitlock is past-president of the Canadian Nuclear Society

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