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The Canadian Nuclear FAQ  

by Dr. Jeremy Whitlock


To the Pembroke Daily News, regarding an editorial on the need to "buy Canadian" when it comes to nuclear plants:

(Published in the 2009 April 25th edition.)


Defending Canada's nuclear record

2009 April 25

To The Editor,
Pembroke Daily Observer:

To the Editor:

Christina Blizzard's column displays a remarkable misunderstanding of the achievements of Canada's nuclear industry (re: "Buy local apples - but nuclear plant?",April 8).

As the only nuclear vendor to be continuously building reactors around the world over the last 30 years, and doing so on time and on budget, AECL is quite worthy of consideration for new projects in its home country.

This is beyond the fact that AECL also drives a domestic nuclear R&D industry that is one of the few non-resource-based sectors in which we lead the world. This is an R&D industry that will be crippled and likely destroyed in the aftermath of any non-CANDU sale within this country, by politicians who share the same short-sightedness as your columnist.

Yes, there will continue to be jobs in this sector, but it's the kind of jobs, and the future of a brilliant science and engineering legacy that are at stake.

AECL's record of achievement is public knowledge and I encourage Ms. Blizzard to conduct her research beyond the writings of colleagues whose vision does not extend beyond their own written page.

Jeremy Whitlock, Deep River, ON


Dr. Jeremy Whitlock
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