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The Canadian Nuclear FAQ  

by Dr. Jeremy Whitlock


To the Montreal Gazette, regarding opposition to the shipping of used steam generators from the Bruce site to Sweden for recycling:

(Published in the 2010 Oct 5th edition)



2010 October 5

To The Editor,
The Montreal Gazette:

Re: "Warning issued about shipping nuclear materials" (Gazette, Sept. 30).

Anti-nuclear activists cross the line when they fear-monger over a proposed shipment of used steam generators from the Bruce nuclear plant to Sweden for recycling.

These non-reactor items contain a minuscule amount of radioactivity, and the threat to the public is far less than what the activists themselves inflict psychologically with their inflammatory warnings of dire environmental and health consequences.

Rather than second-guessing the federal regulator's expert opinion on the matter, I suggest that these folks take a good look at the impact of their scare tactics.

Jeremy Whitlock

Canadian Nuclear Society
Deep River, Ont.

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