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J.   Further Information
[A. CANDU Technology] [B. The Industry] [C. Cost/Benefit] [D. Safety/Liability] [E. Waste] [F. Security/Non-Proliferation] [G. Uranium] [H. Research Reactors] [I. Other R&D] [J. Further Info]

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J.1 Where can I find more information?
J.2 Summary of images found in this FAQ page
J.3 Relevant Links
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J.1     Where can I find more information?
[A. CANDU Technology] [B. The Industry] [C. Cost/Benefit] [D. Safety/Liability] [E. Waste] [F. Security/Non-Proliferation] [G. Uranium] [H. Research Reactors] [I. Other R&D] [J. Further Info]

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J.2     Summary of images found in this FAQ page
[A. CANDU Technology] [B. The Industry] [C. Cost/Benefit] [D. Safety/Liability] [E. Waste] [F. Security/Non-Proliferation] [G. Uranium] [H. Research Reactors] [I. Other R&D] [J. Further Info]

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J.3     Relevant Links
[A. CANDU Technology] [B. The Industry] [C. Cost/Benefit] [D. Safety/Liability] [E. Waste] [F. Security/Non-Proliferation] [G. Uranium] [H. Research Reactors] [I. Other R&D] [J. Further Info]

The following links are of related interest (links open in separate browser windows):


(Suggestions for other links welcome.)

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"One more thing..."
[A. CANDU Technology] [B. The Industry] [C. Cost/Benefit] [D. Safety/Liability] [E. Waste] [F. Security/Non-Proliferation] [G. Uranium] [H. Research Reactors] [I. Other R&D] [J. Further Info]

Papers on Safeguards by Design:

Safeguards by Design: Supporting Sustainable Spent-Fuel Management Strategies
(presented at the IAEA 2024 conference on Spent Fuel Management, June 10-24, 2024)

80 years of nuclear innovation, needed now more than ever (May 2024):

The buzz around Canada

Republished from March 2024 ANS Nuclear News:

Why should safeguards by design be a global effort?

Republished from a 2015 CNS Bulletin article:

Yes, Virginia, There is Still Science

Big or small, we'll need them all (Feb 2024):

Canada's Big Modular Reactor

Canada's role in the international non-proliferation regime (Nov 2023):

Saving the world from itself

Some reflections on the 2023 film Oppenheimer (August 2023):

Oppenheimer and the problem of near-zero

Oppenheimer and all those marbles

Oppenheimer and the Canadians

Oppenheimer and the path of heavy water

Ten Nuclear Waste Myths

(December 2022)

This article addresses 10 common myths about nuclear waste disposal.


Deep geological repositories for used nuclear fuel: stewardship or abandonment?

(March 2022)

This article addresses the criticism that the deep geological concept for long-term nuclear waste management represents abandonment of the used nuclear fuel, and should be replaced with indefinite continuation of surface storage and monitoring, called rolling stewardship. It makes the case that, in fact:

Rolling stewardship represents abandonment of our long-term responsibility for managing used nuclear fuel, while geological repositories represent long-term stewardship.



Comments by Dr. Jeremy Whitlock on those of Dr. Gordon Edwards to the South Bruce NWMO Community Liaison Committee (CLC) - March 12, 2021.

This article addresses the questions:

  • How can we have confidence in predictions of the long-term safety of a geological repository?

  • How do medical radioisotopes from nuclear reactors help to equalize the global quality of life?

  • How is radiation a natural part of our environment, and less dangerous than one might think?

  • Does Canada have the expertise to safely handle and transport highly radioactive spent fuel?

  • How are proliferation concerns for spent nuclear fuel addressed with a geological repository?

  • Why is waste management actually one of the more attractive benefits of nuclear technology?

The potential collateral impact of COVID on our scientific structures:

"The "Sheldon Effect": How science in popular culture endangers us in the age of COVID"

Some thoughts on nuclear's role in sustainable energy generation:

"The Good News About Nuclear Waste"

(published Nov.17, 2021 in the North Renfrew Times)

An Op-Ed marking the 70th anniversary of Canada's first nuclear reactor, ZEEP (Sept 2015):

"70 Years in the Nuclear Age"

(published Sept. 16, 2015 in the North Renfrew Times, Sept. 19, 2015 in the Pembroke Daily Observer, and October 2015 in The Bulletin of the Canadian Nuclear Society.)
Dr. Jeremy Whitlock addresses "Science for Peace" class at University of Toronto, March 6, 2014:

YouTube video

A brilliant past, bright future:

"Nuclear Power in Canada: Perception and Promise"

(feature article in "Humanist Perspectives", vol.185, summer 2013)
After Fukushima:

"Are there options for better, cleaner, safer nuclear power?"

(feature article in "Physics in Canada", vol.67, Oct-Dec 2011)
Quick answers to common questions:

"Know Nukes! (a fact sheet by Dr. Jeremy Whitlock)"

Nuclear is a strong option to Canada's future energy supply:
(Based on an Op-Ed published Oct. 22, 2003 in the Peterborough Examiner):

"Nuclear Power: Good Past, Strong Future"

Canada's pioneering days in nuclear power development
(published in the Sept. 2003 issue of Legion Magazine):

"Entering the Nuclear Age"


Did you know that, liter for liter, there's more radioactivity in milk than in river water - even river water below AECL's Chalk River Laboratories? Read this letter to the editor of The Ottawa Citizen.

Other "letters to the editor"...
How do you know who to believe? Let's examine

The Credibility Issue.

Look at an old issue in a new light:

Nuclear Energy: The Green Alternative

How to effectively communicate? Here's one viewpoint:

"Memetic Engineering and Public Acceptance"

(Paper presented to the 23rd Annual Conference of the Canadian Nuclear Society, based on a presentation to the International Youth Nuclear Congress 2000, Bratislava, Slovakia - PDF file, 230 kb)

Being home to Canada's largest nuclear laboratory is not the only unique thing about the historic Ottawa River.

For a brief historical perspective, have a look at:

"Algonquins to Atoms Along the Ottawa".

En français:

"Une aventure passionnante sur la rivière des Outaouais"

Try this "experiential learning" game in the classroom, where students "live" the fission reactor experience, learning the concepts from "inside"...

"Learning By Being: A Human-Powered Ping-Pong Ball Nuclear Reactor"

How dangerous is radiation, really?:
(part of an independent supplement published in the National Post, Nov 2011):

"Facing Radiation Fears and Myths"


"I See" (June 2023)

"That Was Then" (June 2007)

"Odious Ode to a Commodious Commode" (Nov 1993)


Do we deserve nuclear power?... (Oct 2016):

Avoiding Faster Horses

Let Nuclear solve our problems... (June 2016):

Love and Nuclear Will Keep Us Together

Almost the perfect machine... (April 2016):

What a Canoe Teaches Us

Neutrinos and Nobel prizes... (December 2015):

Nobel for Old Men

You like me! You really like me! (Not)... (October 2015):

Class of 1987

May the Fourth be with you... (June 2015):

A Long Time Ago in a Company Far, Far Away

It's okay to seek knowledge... (Mar 2015):

Yes, Virginia, There is Still Science

Desperately seeking photons... (Dec 2014):

A Shot in the Dark

Avoiding the "N" Word... (Sept 2014):

A Nucleus by Any Other Name

Did you know...? (Jul 2014):

Say Whaa...?

Re-inventing a tarnished image... (Apr 2014):

Nuclear Spin

Lise Meitner and the cold facts of fission... (Dec 2013):

Snow Country for Old Men

It's enough to drive someone batty... (Sept 2013):

Everything's Coming Up Trilliums

What you don't know really can hurt you... (July 2013):

The Softer Side of Safety

Safely dealing with a real weapon of mass destruction... (March 2013):

Bomb-Grade Logic

It takes two to misunderstand... (December 2012):

Miscommunication is everything

Sustainable energy and the (possible) future of Canada's north... (October 2012):

Arctic Aspirations

A technology of a certain age... (April 2012):

Nifty at Fifty

The strong and the weak of it... (December 2011):

A Mediated Interaction By Any Other Name

Health check on the industry (October 2011):

The Half Life

A tsunami of misinformation? (July 2011):

Rock Me Fukushima

"What we have here is a failure to communicate"... (March 2011):

The Social Side of Radiation Risk

Fear mongerers unite! (December 2010):

Till Fear do us Part

There ain't no ticker-tape parade for physicists (September 2010):

On the Other Hand

Perception is everything (June 2010):

Watt's in a Name

Views of the road ahead, potholes included (April 2010):

Will the Real Nuclear Renaissance Please Stand Up?

CANDU, ahead of its time... (December 2009):

The Curious Case of CANDU

The fickle winds of nuclear power in Canada (September 2009):

And That's the Way It Is

Future reactor technology in Canada (July 2009):

Eau Lourde, It's Heavy Water!

Living under the hostile microscope (March 2009):


Unity in diversity (December 2008):

Wind is From Venus; Nuclear is From Mars

Getting behind our champions (September 2008):

The Pride and Some of the Glory

Who says Canada isn't exciting? (June 2008):

Survivor: Canada

Once upon a time, not so far away (April 2008):

Pump and Circumstance

A salute to silent success (December 2007):

That Was Then

With advantages like these, who needs disadvantages...? (October 2007):

It Was the Best of Technologies, It Was the Worst of Technologies

Five things you (maybe) didn't know (June 2007):

The Telephone and the Fuel Bundle

The changing climate of climate change (March 2007):

An Unbearable Greenness of Being

Canadian nuclear "firsts", eh? (December 2006):

It's a Wonderful Half-Life

Death by empowerment (October 2006):

A Life Less Mindful

Strong grass roots need good manure (July 2006):

Trump and Triumph

Electricity-Supply Mismanagement in Ontario (April 2006):

The Lost Years

Canadian to the core (December 2005):

Why This is CANDU Country

Let's get real (September 2005):

Refurbish Thyself

Gonzo-wannabe journalism (July 2005):

Overheard in a Café

The CANDUs are Coming! The CANDUs are Coming! (March 2005):

A Close Call for America

To feel safe, it must sound safe (December 2004):

Slightly Semantic

Complex thoughts in simpler times (September 2004):

Thoughts on a Street Corner

What to do with nuclear waste (May 2004):

All's Well That Ends Well

Increasing recognition of the need for nuclear (March 2004):

Split Atoms, Not Infinitives

Another bowl of neutrons, bartender, please (December 2003):

Once Upon a Time and Again

Wagging the dog (August 2003):

The Spam Economy

Government inaction on energy supply (May 2003):

Leaving the Barn Door Open

Electricity deregulation is for the birds (February 2003):

For the People, Buy the People

Gas, hot air, and anti-nuclearism (November 2002):

Buddy Can You Spare a Paradigm?

Why AECL is not like Stratford (August 2002):

Much Ado About Neutrons

Rink-top fusion? (May 2002):

More Bang for the Puck

40 years of nuclear power in Canada, and a whole lot more (January 2002):

2002: Not Just Another Palindrome

Climate change, nuclear power, and rational thought (October 2001):

The Impotence of Being Earnest

The Second Nuclear Era? (June 2001):

American Booty

Off-the-grid environmental sustainability (March 2001):

Nanuke of the North

The (long) view from here (November 2000):

Great Expectations

Deregulation, privatization, tougher legislation (August 2000):

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Announcing the bouncing baby reactor (May 2000):

ZEEP Doesn't Live Here Anymore

The day they flew the MOX (January 2000):

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Public perception, and the perception of public perception (October 1999):

When Memes Collide

How the CNS logo came to be (January 1998):

The Tale of the CNS Logo
"Find another way to make a living Whitlock. The time is almost up for your deadly work."
- correspondent, 1995.

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